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4 things to consider when choosing a mobile app development company in Singapore

Now days there are many mobile application development companies. As a small business owner, some times, it can be very hard to find a reliable and affordable mobile app dev company. From the years of my software development experience. I concluded following four key things to consider before hiring.

1. Local or Foreign Company.

Being in Singapore, we have vast choices on picking development company. App Development companies in India, China and Indonesia are generally cheaper than Singapore local company. If you like to save money, and if you are not technical person, then my suggestion is don't pick price over location. Working with a local company is much easier for communication and getting a final product as you are dreamed of.

2. Big Company or Small Company.

When I was in US and trying to get my life insurance. I asked one of the smaller size insurance company, "When is insurance in MetLife costs more than yours?", and his reply was "Because they spend a lot of money on their Dog Logo". It was kind of funny to me at the time, but it is true. For a large company, a large portion of your project fee goes to their marketing, sales and project management department. If money is a concern to you, I would rather work with smaller size company.

3. How to screen a mobile application development company?

When hiring a company, communication and responsiveness is the key. If you cannot get someone to reply your email within a day, then probably either they are way overloaded with work or none is checking email. Either way it is bad news for you. Imagining some of your customer found a bug within your app and you want to get it fixed ASAP. Not being able to reach your dev company, it is always a very frustrating thing.

Of course, besides the communication part, you should always review their track record, social media sites to see what others say about them.

4. Getting a propose and establish milestones and final deliverable deadline.

Once you find "the one", you want to make sure they can deliver. When it is normal for most of the companies to ask for down payment, but you need to make clear with them on the deadlines and checkpoint/milestones. This way you will know where they are at with the project and you can see the project gradually come in life. 







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